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Latest news: Anchoring & Mooring Pilot Program Continues " ... to explore regulatory options that promote public access, enhance navigation safety, protect maritime infrastructure, protect the marine environment, and deter improperly stored, abandoned, or derelict vessels."

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and its Boating & Waterways office continue the program in the five locations selected on Florida's east and west coasts and in the Keys for the study. Input from the boating public is encouraged. Check the FWC's web site (myfwc.com) and watch the boating press for news.

Statewide anchoring rules (and those covering derelict vessels) should make everything easier for Florida boating people and our cruising visitors, no matter what municipality they visit.

The pilot program (and all ordinances enacted under it) are set to expire July 1, 2014 unless reenacted by the legislature. Any news releases received will be in our monthy web site updates.

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