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Besides the FCD, Our SHIP’S STORE has other inventory of interest to cruisers, including books and videos and a few DVDs. Take a look!  You may fax your order to (954-462-8168) with credit card billing information if you prefer. No COD’s

Add Florida Tax of 6% of items' total (if having order shipped to Florida address) plus $1 per item for shipping. No foreign shipments; US addresses only.


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Be aware that many are not up-to-date but we're making them available because we know that there are still enjoyable hours of reading , watching  and  learning about things nautical in these books and videos.


12 Volt Bible for Boats  $14 / Item #488
by M. Brotherton. Popular - Nuts and bolts primer on 12V electrical systems for the unskilled.

Sailor's Sketchbook  $20 / Item #499
by Bruce Bingham. 76 do-it-yourself projects complete with Bingham drawings. Enjoyable, even if no projects need doing.

Keep Your Marine Diesel Running - $10.00 / Item #490

Keep Your Outboard Motor Running $10.00 /  Item #491


Knots and Splices by Cyrus Day - $10 / Item #497

The Morrow Guide to Knots $14 / Item #604
Over 600 color photos and step-by-step knots for sailing, fishing, camping and climbing.

The ABCs of Boat Camping  $18 / Item #525
by Gordon & Janet Groene. How to enjoy a great combination as the authors have! Great for the small boat owner.


Taking Terrapin Home $15 / Item #532
by Mathew Wilson. (Sub-titled A Love Affair with a Small Catamaran) Wilson had his boat built to his specs in England and sailed her in French rivers and canals, the Mediterranean and more in Europe and finally across the Atlantic to Florida. Enjoyable reading.  

The Dictionary of Nautical Literacy $17 / Item #605
by Robert McKenna. Over 3500 entries about the history of our culture and the sea. A
wonderful reference work.

Boatman's Handbook, 2nd Revised Edition $10 / Item #216
by Tom Bottomley. An oldie but goody (published in the '80s!) and well referenced - even the Electronics chapter has stuff that's still good to know!

Bimini Twist $20 / Item #613
by Patrick Mansell. Good adventure story about how an American fisherman and his teenage sons on a fishing trip to Bimini are asked to help the Royal Bahamas Defense Force stop some bad guys! Lots of good action, with both the fishing and the police work.

When a Loose Cannon Flogs a Dead Horse There's the Devil to Pay  $10 / Item #606
by Olivia Isil. A wonderful book about words and phrases still in use that came from the sea and seafarers.
Onboard Medical Handbook  $18 / Item #608
by Dr. Paul G. Gill, Jr. First Aid and Emergency Medicine Afloat.

Boat Navigation for the Rest of Us $20 / Item #610
by Capt. Bill Brogdon. Finding your way by Eye and Electronics.

River of Forgotten Days $24 / Item #611
by Daniel Spurr. A great story about history, family and more on a wonderful journey down the Mississippi.

Sea Kayaker's Pocket Guide $12 / Item #607
by Ragged Mountain Press. Well-referenced how to do it and have fun, safely.

Florida Lighthouses  $14 / Item #616
by Kevin McCarthy with Paintings by William Trotter. Probably the most complete book about this subject ... history and beauty combined for lighthouse fans ... and Floridians.


Basic Sailing, Revised Edition $10 / Item #225
Everything for the beginner, from the boat to getting under way to heavy weather ...  Lots of "how to."

Sailing: Impressions, Ideas, Deeds $13 / Item #607
by Capt. Frank Papy. The title explains it. A good and enjoyable bunch of stuff to read.


Florida Panhandle Shells and Beach Life (Including Alabama & Mississippi)  $12 / Item #601

Florida Gulf Coast Shells and Beach Life (Cedar Key to Marco Island) $12 / Item #602

Sanibel & Captiva Shells and Beach Life $12 / Item #603
These are laminated fold-out cards with many illustrations and explanations on
shells found on the beaches of these areas. Each includes shore birds and other beach "findings" plus a Shelling 101 page to study. Educational and enjoyable for kids and adults. The lamination is good and stiff so they should survive many beach visits.

Florida Satellite Poster by NASA $10 / Item Item #440
18 x 24" poster on 100# paper. Beautiful NAA photo from the Space Shuttle Discovery at an altitude of 190 nm in January 1985. Shows all of the Florida peninsula.


Only for those who've not yet tossed out  the old VHS.
(The first seven videos listed here were part of our company some years ago. We still produce the annual FCD. The  book and web site are, of course, much more up-to-date with annual editions on Florida and the Bahamas, but do not cover the Virgin Islands.)

The Abacos: Video Cruising Little Bahamas Bank - $20 / Item # 070
Cruising the most popular island group - from Walker's down to Litte Harbour. Includes Green Turtle, Hope Town, Treasure Cay, Marsh Harbour, etc. 60 min.

The Bahamas: The Available Paradise - $20 / Item #069
Over-all view of the islands with info on Gulf Stream crossing, customs, etc., etc. Los of beautiful aerial footage.  60 min.

The Way South, Part 1: ICW from Norfolk, VA to Fernandina, FL - $20 / Item #071

The Way South, Part 2: ICW from Fernandina to Miami - $20 / Item #072
Cruise the ICW with lots of aerial overviews, history, things to see .... 60 min. each

America's Out Islands, The Florida Keys - $20 / Item #068
From Miami's Stiltsville to Key West. Aerials and from-the-water photography. 60 min.

The Sun Coast: Video Cruising Florida's SW Gulf Coast - $20 / Item #188
From Marco Island up to Tarpon Springs. Great aerials. 60 min.

Video Cruising Florida's Waterways - $20 / Item #265
A look at over-all Florida Cruising (except Panhandle) including St. Johns and the Okeechobee. 60 min.

The Virgin Islands: Paradise for Rent - $20 / Item #074
About chartering in the US and British Islands. Beautiful aerial footage. 60 min.


Celestial Navigation Simplified $30 / Item #231
William F. Buckley, Jr. on theory and practice. Diagrams. 48 min.

Celestial Navigation for the Complete Idiot  $30 / Item #557
For beginners, as the title suggests. 75 min. 

Single Sideband  $30 / Item #330
Explains frequency, channel selection, antennas, tuners, etc. 50 min.

Modern Costal Piloting $20 /  Item #001
Basic, easy-to-understand on compass, aids to nav., bearings, etc. 75 min.


Cosmetic Repair, Vol. 1  $30 /  Item #015
Basic repair and finishing.  75 min. 

Cosmetic Repair, Vol. 2  $30 /  Item #016
Repair of air voids, stresses and fractures. 75 min.

Cosmetic Repair, Vol. 3  $30 /  Item #017
Color match and finishing. 75 min.

Marlinspike Seamanship $25 / Item #342
Covers knots, splices and line-handling techniques. 60 min.


Getting That Extra Knot  $30 / Item #017
Peter Isler ('87 America's Cup Challenge skipper) helped with this program. Shows how to get maximum performance with a production-rigged boat in day-sailing. Also covers basics for beginners and intermediates. 50 min.

Learn to Sail $35 / Item #246

Basic to intermediate course by Steve  Colgate. $30 / #231. 106 min.


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