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 is published by:

 Waterways Etc., Inc.
 P.O. Box 21586
 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33335

 Phone: 954.462.8151

 Fax: 954.462.8168



 Publisher: Gina Smyth

 Editors: Bruce Bingham, Frank Papy, Ginny Tower, Bob Tower, John Yeager

 Website Editor: Jayne Burdick

 Editorial Assistants: Mary Gagen, Ben Hicks, Dennis Fugate

 Chart Graphics: Jennifer H. Sebastian (print)

 Production Manager: Gloria Davidsaver, Ed.D.

 Business Manager: Ken Walker

 Information Technology: David Figueroa

 Computer Consultants: Mike & Joyce Higdon

 Advertising Sales: Tim Walker

 Advertising Production: Raelyn Garriga

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