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June 2011-- Volume 29-Issue 5


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SECTION A  - Includes notices (if any) from
 COE (US Army Corps of Engineers)
 FWC (Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission) and
 USCG (US Coast Guard)

Information from COE

The latest Navigation Report can be found at:

Additional information concerning Okeechobee Waterway or other Navigational interests may be obtained by accessing the Jacksonville District web site.

General Information for the Okeechobee Waterway can be found at South Florida Operations Office web page.

Information from FWC

FWC UPDATE — Notes on Fishing Rules and other announcements

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (a/k/a FWC) keeps us up to date on changes that fishermen (cruising-fishermen included) should know, and other items of interest to boating people. As the audience is somewhat  varied, we give a quick note on the news and suggest that those interested in specific topics check it all out at the FWC web site.

There's also information on boating, parks, ramps, etc., etc. and we'll hope to include news on anything we think you'll want to know about.

FWC's web site is

New for this update:


We've been advised that the City of St. Augustine has been chosen to join St. Petersburg, Sarasota and Monroe County (Florida Keys) in the ANCHORING PILOT PROGRAM being studied by FWC's Boats & Waterways office. The fifth (and final) area - expected to be either Miami or Stuart - should be announced by July 1 at the latest.

For more see ABOUT ANCHORING in the current print FCD - What's Happening, page 4 - or [HERE].


Two license-free saltwater fishing weekends are set for June 4-5 and 18-19. The first coincides with the opening of red snapper season in the Gulf; the second includes Father's Day.

The weekends fall within the expanded bay scallop season which starts a week early on June 25 and ends two weeks later than normal on September 25.

Read more about the joys of fishing and scalloping in May's "As I See It" column by FWC Chairman Rodney Barreto. 

REPEATING IN JUNE: FWC's 2-day meeting early in April approved rules for bonefish protection by eliminating the one-fish daily recreational bag limit, changing to catch-and-release only, changing to hook and line gear only, allowing photographs to document possible record catches; creating tournament exemption permits for weigh-ins and strengthening provisions prohibiting the sale of bonefish. Rules take effect July 1.

Other items announced from the meeting include:

Conditional Gulf Amberjack recreational two-month closure scheduled for Gulf of Mexico state waters depending on approval of same recreational season in federal waters.

Conditional changes to Stone Crab protection rules will be discussed at a public  hearing to be held in June.

Permit rules changes have also been proposed.

Visit for more information on all of the above.



REPEATING IN JUNE: FWC's summertime camps for boys and girls ages 9 to 15 will be held again this year in the Ocala National Forest. Registration is underway. The camp focuses on fish and wildlife conservation, outdoor skills and firearm safety. There will be six one-week sessions beginning June 19.  For more information or to register click HERE or call 352-525-2804.

News from USCG

The Coast Guard has already announced some bridge opening restrictions because of July 4th weekend festivities. Check in your local area to make sure your boat will be able to get you to your favorite fireworks display!

CG station phones are listed on page 6 in current FCD or [HERE]


Due to painting, the SR 706 Indiantown Road Bridge, mile 1006.2 operating schedule since June 20 follows:

Indiantown Road Bridge will be allowed to remain closed to navigation from  7:05AM to 10:55AM daily, seven days a week through August 30, 2011. Start date of another operation will be published in a future local notice to mariners re: 9:05PM to 5:55 AM nightly for a period of 30 days.

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