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March 2011-- Volume 29-Issue 2


The 2011/12 - 29th - edition of the FCD is available through this web site and is already in quite a few marinas, marine stores and bookstores throughout Florida and elsewhere --- with more to come. (Retailers are invited to e-mail their orders to us at or fax 954-462-8168.)
The ISBN on this edition is: 978-1-928864-11-0; cover photo is a shot of Fort Lauderdale's New River.

This year's print edition has been joined, for the first time, by our new Interactive Web Site with E-Book soon to come. Details on the E-Book are not yet complete. Contact us ... or check here ... for more information later.

Besides the FCD, Our SHIP’S STORE has other inventory of interest to cruisers, including books and videos and a few DVDs. Take a look! This web site is secure but your orders may be faxed (954-462-8168) with credit card billing information if you prefer. No CODs.

Our Web Site Updates, on or about the first of each month continue in three "sections," but there are two new ones for this update ...

We'll call this "CORRECTIONS"

Although we'd hoped that the new print edition would be absolutely error free, we've already had a note about one mistake! Janie Barbato at Florida Marine Guide ( called to tell us that Flamingo Marina is open ... You'll want to jot down the name and phone (239-695-3101) at the bottom of Chart 16 on page 98. We spoke with Maggie at the marina and found out that the Lodge is gone, but the marina is again up and running with gas and diesel, a small restaurant and a convenience store.

As always, we hope that you will advise us of needed corrections and any news we should share with cruising folks.

We'll call this one-time section "MIAMI BOAT SHOW NEWS"

We found a couple of items we think worth mentioning at last month's big show ...

INTERLUX (International Paint) has launched something new called the WATERFRONT CHALLENGE 2011.

The company will award $50,000 in grants in October, 2011 to organizations to create sustainable waterfront environmental improvements in their communities. The paint company knows that keeping our waterfronts healthy is vital to the future of boating. Eight grants - from $4,500 to $20,000 - will be awarded to groups in the US, Canada and the Caribbean. If interested, visit the Waterfront Challenge site at now. Applications (available there) will be accepted until August 31.

SEA TEL Coastal Antenna Systems introduced their brand new ST 24 - a maritime TV antenna system with touch-screen interface. It's great for cruising and is even Tuna Tower Ready for sportfishing boats ... and priced to please almost any budget. Visit to learn more.

Now for our usual Sections ...

SECTION A - News & Regulations from COE, FWC and others, including Bridge information

SECTION B - News-y & Cruise-y items


SECTION C - News from Fishermen's Village

We continue to give "the Village" events our web site update "back page" as they provide a wonderful, and busy, event calendar each month! (Other events we learn about are included in SECTION B.)

Don't forget: you can refer back to web site updates as they are archived "here" for one year.

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