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May 2012 --Volume 30 Issue 4


The 2012/13 - 30th - edition of the FCD is now available through this web site  and has already been shipped to stores and distributors. You should be able to find it in quite a few marinas, marine stores and bookstores throughout Florida and elsewhere. (Any retailers who have not yet ordered the new book can e-mail their orders to us or fax 954-462-8168.) The ISBN on this edition is: 978-1-928864-12-7; cover photo is an aerial shot of Bimini, Bahamas.

Besides the FCD, Our SHIP’S STORE has other inventory of interest to cruisers, including books and videos and a few DVDs. Take a look! This web site is secure but your orders may be faxed (954-462-8168) with credit card billing information if you prefer. No CODs.


The web site news has been getting a little more “cluttered” than we think is necessary … so we’ve decided to remind all viewers that everything from the past year is in our site’s NEWS archives!!! You can check them by month on the main NEWS page.
We will attempt to keep you up-to-date for ongoing projects with “recent changes.”
The Section A’s “official sites” (COE, FWC and USCG) have links included.
Other places always welcoming cruising visitors and often staging ongoing events include the following:
Vero Beach’s Environmental Learning Center -
Islamorada’s History of Diving Museum –

SECTION A  - Includes notices (if any) from
     COE (US Army Corps of Engineers)
     FWC (Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission) and
     USCG (US Coast Guard)
If you are interested in getting updated information of the ICW and other waterways straight “from the horse’s mouth,” US Coast Guard Local Notices to Mariners are available weekly via e-mail.
For District 7 (Most of the state) Notices click
For District 8 (Panhandle west of Apalachicola) Notices click
SECTION B - News-y & Cruise-y
SECTION C -The "Back Page" ... News from FISHERMEN’S VILLAGE
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