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We want our annual FCD users and site visitors to be aware of our publishing schedule and monthly website updates ...We often use the term "press time." That, for us, is roughly from early December through January each year. By early February, all pages are with the printer.

As our pages are being finalized, we attempt to contact all marinas and boatyards listed on our charts and other businesses, museums, governmental contacts, et cetera, that we mention. (Classifieds are mostly updated from marine businesses' replies to our written and verbal queries or from local phone books; unfortunately, we can't call each of the 2000+ companies included in our classifieds.) All of that is to make this book as up-to-date as possible to present to you each year in February.

After publication, as always, our monthly website updates (on or about the first ...) advise of changes and news and much of that news is infused into our interactive website. We're happy to report that fans (probably old and new) seem to be giving our website its due share of attention ... this per Google Analytics numbers!

Changes occur, and the boating public is asked to advise of anything needing correction. Do we make mistakes? Of course! If you find any, please advise.

There are lots of cruising guides and we don't rival any with color, glitz and pizzazz. The FCD's "niche" is being a good, up-to-date and affordable book for cruisers —produced by creative and knowledgeable people who simply love boats and the water. Please support our advertisers — who keep the book going with that low cover price! And thank you for having the FCD aboard.

And our mission: "... Make Boating More Fun and Less Hassle for Florida Boaters and our Cruising Visitors..." was set over 30 years ago, and we're still trying.


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers .......................... 904-232-2539
(Phone is manned only during normal business hours; phones at locks [see charts and editorial] are manned when locks are open.

Also visit web site — www.saj.usace.army.mil. To start, click on Operations Div., then click on Notices to Navigation and other links.


Florida Inland Navigational District .......................561-627-3386


Latest news: Anchoring & Mooring Pilot Program Continues


Checking ahead to find items or services important to you is a good idea.

Most marinas are shown on our charts with phone numbers. Some are not listed because they are private, local or not wanting transients. OR, maybe we've missed them!

Marina people are generally IN THE KNOW and very willing to help cruising people with questions. If you are having trouble finding out about anything, contact a marina!

The Pumpout list is on page 9. That information could be less-than-perfect and we suggest that you check ahead with
the marina(s) you plan to visit if you need to be absolutely certain about the pumpout situations.

Several Mobile Pumpout Boats visit particular marinas on schedule and may respond to VHF or phone calls to come to your boat at dock or anchor. Info on those we know about is at the beginning of each county list of Pumpouts.

Fuel docks are listed with each chart and a D or a G indicates Diesel or Gas only.

This is an ever-present concern in these turbulent times. Be sure to check out our Port Security page to be completely up to date on current regulations.


CAUTION SYMBOL Caution Symbol copy
From time to time you'll see this symbol on our on-line sketch charts. When you click on one, it will bring up a pop-up that contains a special consideration pertinent to the area. This doesn't mean you should avoid the place, but rather that you should pay extra attention. To further clarify the caution message's meaning, each pop-up contains a link to the cruising guide text in which the message appears so you can read it in context. 


When you see this little Pelican on our charts, you'll know that the marina or boatyard with it has applied for and gained the designation Clean Marina or Clean Boatyard from Florida's Department of Environmental Protection. The DEP requires that facilities meet stringent standards to be granted the designation.

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