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January 2, 2017

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WELCOME to the online version of the only all-Florida cruising guide produced in Florida, by Florida boating people for the benefit of ALL who cruise our beautiful and ever so varied waters.

The 2016/17 - 34th - print edition of the FCD is now available through this website and has already been shipped to many stores and distributors. You should be able to find it in quite a few marinas, marine stores and bookstores throughout Florida and elsewhere. (Any retailers who have not yet ordered the new book can e-mail their orders to us or fax 954-462-8168.) The ISBN on this edition is: 978-1–928864–16-5.

The cover is another by Bruce Bingham — artist, writer, photographer and editor.  FCW 2016

Besides the FCD, our SHIP’S STORE has other inventory of interest to cruisers, including books and videos and a few DVDs. Your orders may be placed by phone (954-462-8151) or fax (954-462-8168) with credit card billing information if you prefer. No COD’s. We're available via email for any further questions.

This electronic edition is in no way intended to supplant but is rather meant to complement the print version, which is still updated and published annually and is available from our STORE as well as at most Florida marinas and also at many regional  bookstores -- especially those that feature boating  and/or water-oriented publications.

Perhaps more important is our Interactive version, which not only contains more  information than we could ever publish in print but also makes it available in an easier to access format: Cruising Guide narratives to put everything in a cruising perspective; Sketch Charts to relate the locations visually; and in alphabetical lists, to make specific information easier to find. And ALL of it is cross-linked for quick reference. We hope you find this site useful and welcome your comments and suggestions on ways we might improve it

If you are familiar with our print version, you should feel right at home here as we have included (and tried to improve access to) ALL of the helpful information that has made our publication so useful to Florida's boating people for the past 34 years. If you are new to FCD, please take a moment to check out our “What’s Happening” page; it will help you to get to know us better and also introduce you to some of the features that make our Directory so special. (PS: “Old Friends” may find some interesting info there, also!)

And now, a word from our sponsors. Remember, it is our advertisers who make the FCD available in all its forms; without them we simply couldn't exist. But unlike TV or newspapers, where you often have to look at, if not really pay attention to, ads that are of little interest to you, our FCD  advertisers all provide goods and/or services that we boating folk so often NEED. So we hope you will read the ads and urge you to patronize our advertisers at every opportunity. They certainly will appreciate it. And WE will appreciate it if you let them know you learned about their establishment via the FCD. Thanks! 

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